Technical Capabilities


SDG Compatible
Specifically created to integrate with the SDG 11.6.1 methodology, users of the Waste Flow Diagram will be guided through the process of data collection in area lacking such information. Results will further inform the SDG 11.6.1 sub-indicators, providing benchmarking capabilities and visualisation of results.

SDG 11.6.1 – Proportion of municipal solid waste collected and managed in controlled facilities out of total municipal solid waste generated by cities

Mapping waste flows

Results of the Waste Flow Diagram are displayed in either MFA diagrams for in-depth analysis or more simple Sankey diagrams for communication and dissemination. This is supplemented by plastic pollution results being converted into easy to comprehend values such as “PET bottle per person per year” or “number of waste trucks per year” to allow all stakeholders to grasp the significance of the results.



In built scenario capabilities allow the user to understand the potential impact of applying interventions within the waste management system. For example, the user could simulate how increasing the collection coverage by set amounts would impact the rest of the waste management system, including the amounts of plastic leaking into water. Transparent and clear results further provide benchmarking capabilities in order for cities to track their progress.