The Partnership

The team (left to right): Dr Costas Velis (Leeds), Dr Christian Zurbrügg (Eawag-Sandec), Joachim Stretz (Wasteaware), Imanol Zabaleta (Eawag), Steffen Blume (GIZ) and Dr Josh Cottom (Leeds)


The Waste Flow Diagram tool was developed through a collaboration between GIZ, the University of Leeds, Eawag-Sandec and Wasteaware, with support from the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The launch

Dr Velis, Principal Investigator of the collaboration, launches the WFD, alongside the ISWA Plastic Pollution Calculator – a more detailed complimentary toolkit, during the ISWA World Congress in October 2019, in Bilbao, Spain.

This is a day to celebrate the great progress the international research community has accomplished to understand, model and quantify the plastic pollution from mismanaged waste, macro-plastics after-use items at local level:  we can now start connecting sources pathways and  sinks in rapid assessment (WFD) or in-depth (ISWA PPC) toolkits, allowing us also to prioritise preventing interventions, associated with the currently absent or failing waste and resources management systems, especially in the Global South. Really good news for the scientific, engineering and practitioners communities alike. We invite you to join us testing the toolkits in your own cities and municipalities around the World.