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Doctoral researchers

Dr Velis Research Team: Doctoral Researchers

Mohammed Jada

Mohammed Chubado Jada is a postgraduate researcher in the School of Civil Engineering, funded by the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF). Mohammed has over seven years of experience in the construction, engineering and infrastructure development industry in Nigeria.
For his PhD he is researching the development of a circular economy framework and model for construction and demolition waste in Nigeria. His research interest lies in circular economy modelling, specifically on construction and demolition waste (CDW) in the Global South. His work focuses on obtaining a better understanding of CDW generation and movement in low and middle-income countries and developing models that capture the complexities associated with it.
His research assesses into the potential of the Complex Value Optimization for Resource Recovery (CVORR) framework to explore opportunities for material valorisation in the CDW sector, considering the values generated in environmental, economic, societal and technical domains. He is supervised by Dr Costas Velis and Professor Leon Black.

James Baker

Matthew Elcoate