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ISWA Plastic Pollution Calculator

Destroying oceans, polluting air and damaging infrastructure – plastic pollution is a growing global challenge requiring immediate solid waste management solutions. Fortunately, the ISWA Plastic Pollution Calculator provides a world-leading in-depth assessment of an areas plastic pollution, allowing selection of targeted and evidence-based interventions.

Developed by the University of Leeds as part of the ISWA Task Force on Marine Litter, the ISWA Plastic Pollution Calculator takes the approach that plastic pollution is caused by unsound waste management practices and infrastructure. By thoroughly analysing the solid waste management system, and combining this with local socioeconomic, geographical and meteorological factors, the Calculator is able to quantify the specifics of plastic pollution sources and pathways at an unrivalled resolution.


A focus on these local characteristics that are so important for truly understanding the sources of plastic pollution requires the ‘Calculator’ to operate at a local intra-city level. Despite this, the tool is capable of being aggregated across larger scales and resolutions, as demonstrated by its application over the Bali, Indonesia - a collaboration with SYSTEMIQ, local experts (Udayana University) and under the auspices of the Bali Provincial Government, all coming together under The Bali Partnership.

Results are provided in both easy to communicate forms such as Sankey diagrams and key performance index, or in terms of scientific graphs and data for further analysis. This allows users to communicate the results effectively across all stakeholder groups and have sufficient information to develop prioritised and targeted interventions.

Want to know more? Check out our summary of the ISWA Plastic Pollution Calculator, or explore the links below. If you have any further questions, please contact Dr Costas Velis by email and he will be happy to provide further information.



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