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The Global Treaty - how is it shaping up?


Since the UNEA resolution in March 2022, activity has been gathering pace in the development of a Global Treaty on plastics pollution. The original resolution gives a sense for some of the key themes that will form part of the negotiations: Measures to promote the sustainable consumption and production of plastics National and international co-operation...

Dr Velis to Chair UNEP Community of Practice on Plastics Pollution Modelling


Dr Costas Velis will be chairing the Community of Practice on the Harmonization of Models and Methodologies, a key forum which will help to develop the basis for an effective Global Treaty on plastics pollution. I am very excited and honoured to take on the role as chair of this key Community Of Practice. Collaboration...

‘Act now’ to reduce global plastic pollution, say experts


More than 1.3 billion tonnes of plastic will be dumped on land and in the oceans over the period from 2016 to 2040 unless the world acts, say a team of global experts. They modelled the stocks and flows of plastic waste around the world - and identified waste systems unable to cope. Around 95 percent of aggregate...

Solid waste solutions for creating a sustainable marine future


Dr Costas Velis addressed the high level delegates of the KfW Development Finance Forum, explaining how solving the solid waste management crisis in the Global South can prevent marine litter. Dr Costas Velis, Lecturer in Resource Efficiency Systems at the School of Civil Engineering, played a key role the recent KfW Development Finance Forum in his capacity as...

Celebrating the value of waste in Global South Cities


A research team from School of Civil Engineering led by Dr Costas Velis devised a new systems analysis and training tool, SoCo, which explores the costs and benefits of waste management systems. During the ExpoCatadores 2016, the Brazilian waste pickers (Catadores), celebrated the 15th anniversary of the Brazilian National movement. Catadores are collectors of recyclable...