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Dr Velis to Chair UNEP Community of Practice on Plastics Pollution Modelling


Dr Costas Velis will be chairing the Community of Practice on the Harmonization of Models and Methodologies, a key forum which will help to develop the basis for an effective Global Treaty on plastics pollution.

I am very excited and honoured to take on the role as chair of this key Community Of Practice. Collaboration on the tools and methods we use for assessing plastic pollution will be key to taking effective action to tackle this global challenge.

The Community of Practice will bring together leading practioners on the issue of plastic pollution modelling. The objective of group will be to explore the interlinkages among data collection and quantification methodologies and models, with a view to improve their integration, means of cross-validation, and interoperability.

University of Leeds has been central to many of the efforts over recent years to model and understand plastics pollution. Dr Velis looks forward to bringing old and new partners together to help share knowledge and understanding of the issue. Robust and effective models, based on the best science, will be essential in developing and implementing an effective International Legally Binding Instrument on PLastics Pollution.